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    Joining A Team


    Joining a Team is one of the primary activities on AKEF’s new portal. There are two options that you can choose as a Gamer.


    1. By creating a Team of your own and letting people join in is one way to go. You can visit the URL How to create a Team
    2. By joining an existing team is the second way, below are the steps that can be followed for the same


    Steps to join an existing Team


    1. Select the All Teams option from Gamers Paradise under the Main Menu.
    2. Once Selected, you would be able to see the list of all the teams displayed.
    3. Select the team that you wish to join by clicking on the Team Name.
    4. From the team page, select the button Request To Join to send a request to the Team Leader.
    5. Once you’re team leader approves the request, you would be added to the team that you selected.


    Hope that solves you’re query to an extend. Check out the forums for more information and feel free to post your questions and concerns regarding team creation as the reply to this post.

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