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    Lets start this topic by explaining what a Profile is, in a nutshell, that is where you get to show to the community what you are. Its sort of like a web page just for you. You can check out your basic profile information, your tournaments, your teams, previous match history and so on and so forth.


    Navigating to User Profile

    You would be able to navigate to your profile by selecting the Profile menu on the top right of the header menu, If you couldn’t find the same, click HERE


    Getting to know the Menus

    Menus inside the profile are pretty much self explanatory, but still to be on the same page. I’ll list the functionality of each of the menu’s below


    1. Profile
      The profile is the area where the public information about you would be displayed. Meaning the profile information that you provide through Profile Settings, which we would talk about in a moment.
    2. Activity
      Your activities is what is populated under this section, By Activities I mean, the things that you have did around in the website, you can choose to not show it under the settings.
    3. Notifications
      This is the area where you would be able to read and respond to the notifications that your account gets, so notifications in our case can be anything from someone replying to your message to somebody requesting to join your team.
    4. Friends
      What is a community without some friends? You would get to see all your friends under this section.
    5. Messages
      We are aware that there exists better messaging platforms for you to connect with your friends, but we intend the use of messages here so that you can keep your gaming life different from your personal life.
    6. T-Matches
      This is the section where you would be able to see all your match history. Win or lose, its just part of history.
    7. Tournaments
      You would be able to see all the tournaments that you have enrolled to till date under this section. The more you have the more we know your dedication to the game.
    8. Forums
      All the discussions and topics which you have reacted to over on the forums would be displayed here.
    9. Settings
      This is where magic happens, I mean sort off. You would be able to give some of your information in from here and the information that you provide would be available to the public. Just as I told, this is where you set your details up.


    Changing Profile and Cover Photo

    I am sure that all of you by now would know what a profile picture is and what a cover photo is, now lets learn on how to set up your profile with the profile and cover pictures of your choice.


    • Changing Profile Picture : Getting this done is just a walk on the cake, You can click on the area inside your profile where it shows a default profile picture and it would bring up a prompt asking you to upload the profile picture of your choice. Once uploaded, click on Insert Into Post button. Your profile picture would be updated with the image that you just uploaded.
    • Changing Cover Photo : This is very similar to what we did with the profile picture, You can click on the default image of the cover picture and a similar prompt to what you saw while uploading the profile picture would be displayed. Upload the image of your choice and click on Insert Into Post button to apply the photo you uploaded as your cover photo.

    That would do for now, I know that I have only scratched the surface. We’ll make sure that we have more guides up as soon as possible to make your stay here feel home.

    Feel free to pour down your queries below, We’ll try to answer as much as we can.

    • This topic was modified 2 years, 4 months ago by DiablO.
    • This topic was modified 2 years, 4 months ago by DiablO.
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