Calling Casters/Streamers

Are you an aspiring streamer or caster ? Do you think that you can make a mark in the game streaming community? If the answer is yes, now might be the best time for you to stand up to the occasion. We at AKEF are looking for talents all around Kerala who are ready to learn, explore and to grow.

Giving an opportunity in all the ways to this community is the best thing that AKEF does so far and thats why AKEF is the leading community in Kerala with more than 50K active members in it.

We hope you that you have watched our casting in different events and different channels. We did our best by implementing the standard. Introduced multiple cameras, dual commentary and some standard stream elements. We are still continuing it with a lot of limitations.

Now its time to find the best people out there who are passionate about casting. Please come forward to grab the opportunity to cast the big events. Call +91 7012585529 if you meet the requirements. Visit for more information


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