AKPGA Update | September-2020

With all due respects to the Govt of India’s action to ban PUBG Mobile as a part of internal affairs and information security. We at AKEF have decided to halt all the activities related to AKPGA and PUBG Mobile until the ban is lifted or an alternate solution is put in place.

We understand your emotion and feeling towards the game, but now it’s the time to stay aside the Governments decisions and as a citizen its each of our duty to abide by the same. We apologize the inconvenience that we might have caused you due to halting the activities related to AKPGA. We would soon update you all of the future of this wing and how you would be able to redeem the registration that you did on AKPGA for other games if we have issues continuing with PUBG Mobile.

However, we assure you that none of the core activities of AKEF is affected by the same and other wings under AKEF would be still active and would be bringing you more events than before on other trending and popular games as we always did. So stay tuned to our social platforms to be the first ones to be informed of any of the upcoming events.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation,

AKEF Management

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